About The series Ephemeral Situation

Ursula LeGuin writes in her text "The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction" about how it is easier to tell a gripping story about the hero who wrestled the bear, than about the one who wove the basket to be able to gather oat. The danger is that everyone is being squeezed into the killer -story, and finally gets destroyed with it.

«Heroes are powerful. Before you know it, the men and women in the wild-oat patch and the skills of the makers and the thoughts of the thoughtful and the songs of the singers have all been pressed into service in the tale of the Hero. But it isn’t their story. It’s his...
...The trouble is, we’ve all let ourselves become part of the killer story, and so we may get finished along with it. Hence it is with a certain feeling of urgency that I seek the nature, subject, words of the other story, the untold one, the life story»

As a woman living in the countryside, I can easily identify with the story that is not told; the one who did not make the heroic act worth writing about, the poet who did not scream loud enough. Therefore, with my work ephemeral situation, I try to tell a story about passing of time; about everyday life in a rural area where no one witnesses what happened, about the tree that fell in the forest when no one was there. I work with fragile materials in constant change. The works should be seen as volatile thoughts that are necessary to bring one forward, but which are also meant to feel old and immature five years later. I want to work away from the perpetual and settled, towards the temporary and developing. I want to portray the everyday thoughts that are difficult to define as revolutionary, but that is what slowly affects us to change.

Ephemeral Situation - Seasons

Kurant in Tromsø
The work consisted of four installations and a text, it was part of the exhibition
“Consciousness in the Time of Kairos” together with Daniel Slåttnes and Hans Edward Hamonds


A friend laughed at skepticism over reincarnation;
She had died and been reborn many times in her life, a definite ending seemed irrational.

It can be difficult to decide when one goes from one stage to the other. Put your finger on when the change happens. What the change is.

But now Summer is definitely over, Autumn also begins to fade. What remains are some dangling leaves in the trees and a weather report on potential sudden heat. But the frost has begun to leave its tracks, the doors in the cabin have long been closed, and the fire in the stove burns every day now.

Spring feels far away. But if we don’t plant the bulbs before October is over, we will have no tulips to enjoy in April. First, however, the lanterns and the garden grill must be taken inside, the rain gutter fixed and the wood choped

Soon the cold, the darkness, the total death comes. For the winter is not going to be absent this year.


Ephemeral Situations - Spring
100 x 90 x 220 cm

- Weave grass from our constantly uncut lawn, goldenrod and linen thread
- Black-burned clay pot filled with soil.
- Brass bowl that collects the water dripping through the soil.
- Pattern of soil lying loose on the ground
- Birch bark cup filled with birch syrup


Ephemeral Situations - Summer
200 x 90 x 230

- Weaves of grass from our constantly uncut lawn, goldenrod and linen thread
- Copper plate
- Beeswax candles made from beeswax from our neighbor's beekeeping
- The last flower leaves from the summer lying loose on the ground


Ephemeral Situations - Autumn
100 x 90 x 220 cm

- Weaves of grass from our constantly uncut lawn, goldenrod, linen thread and black-burned ceramics
- Macramé of linen thread
- Braided grass basket filled with soil
- Dried Hydrangea turned to the ground
- Three leaves found in Hagfors
- Pattern of soil and oats lying loose on the ground
- Rain water from autumn 2017


Ephemeral Situations - Winter
200 x 200 x 120

- Braided birch bark basket filled with ash from the wood stoves that keep the warmth in our house
during winter
- Weaves of lichen and linen thread that portray the moon which gives the only light on the way
home during dark winter nights
- Moon made of the same ash that fills the birch bark basket, lying loose on the ground.


Ephemeral Situation - An ode to Västra Ämtervik

Cosmoscow, Moscow (RU)

150 x 90 x 250 cm

- Weave grass from our constantly uncut lawn, goldenrod, and linen thread
- Rabbit skin from one of the rabbits we bred for food with with birch bark weaved into it.
- Birch bark cup
- Black-burned ceramic pot filled with oats
- Braid of oats from the poor harvest in summer 2018
- Flower bed of the last flower leaves from the summer lying loose on the ground.


Ephemeral Situations - My Grandmothers Weave

Noplace, Oslo (NO)

400 x 400 x 250 cm

- Macramé of linen thread and black burnt ceramic.
- Weave grass from our constantly uncut lawn
- Patchwork of a rotten wood that was about to fall over our house.
- Rabbit skin from one of the rabbits we brought up for food with birch bark weaved into it.
- The last flower leaves from the summer, lying loose on the ground

"Our situations will be ephemeral, without a future. Passageways. Our only concern is real life; we care nothing about the permanence of art or of anything else. Eternity is the grossest idea a person can conceive of in connection with his acts.”
                                                                                                                                                                                    -Guy Debord

The pattern is based on a weave my grandmother made. She is a woman I never met, from what I have understood she was no one special, the weave is not really special either, it is a craft done to lie over a rocking chair, made to occupy a housewife in Swedish North.

The weaves becomes like a piece of jewelry for the room and the viewers moving between. The flower leafs spreads over the floor from the wind in the viewers' movement.

The work has later been shown as part of the Sacred Skrymt in Karlstad and at Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium as part of the Østlandsutstilling.